Travel Clinic
AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3
Step 1 - Find out which travel jab you need.
Log on to our website: Select Quick check tool
Step 2 - Book an appointment
1. Select Start Consultation on
2. Completing the online consultation will generate a consultation code. You will need to contact us to book your appointment using this code.
Don't panic if you cannot register online. You can also do this with our trained pharmacist. Please allocate more time for this prior to your consultation and ensure you have a email address.
Step 3 - Consultation.
The pharmacist will complete a full travel risk assessment and check through your itinerary. You can be vaccinated there and then if the vaccine stock is available. If not, further appointment can be made. Advance payment is recommended to ensure vaccine stock available at appointment.
Vaccination Schedule
Price per dose
2 doses
Diphtheria/Tetan us/Polio
1 booster dose
Hepatitis A
1-2 doses
Hepatitis A + Typhoid
1 doses
Hepatitis A + Hepatits B (Twinrix)
3 doses
Hepatits B
3 doses
£28(adult) - £25(child)
Japanese Encephalitis
2 dose
Meningitis ACWY
1 doses
3 doses
Tick Borne Encephalitis
3 doses
1 doses
Note: Prices subject to change and stock availability.