OTC Services
Our trained counter and dispensary staff are always happy to help and advice on a range of minor ailments.

Coughs and Colds
Indigestion and dyspepsia
Sore throat
Aches and pains
Sickness and Diarrhea
Cold sores
Joint pains & supports
Sore Dry eyes
Hay fever
Dry skin and infections
Athletes Foot, Warts, Corns & Veruccae
Ear ache and ear wax
Cuts, knocks and bruises
First Aid
Dressings and supports
Foot Care
And Much more
There is a whole range of services that we provide for them to direct you to.

We are also Healthy Living Pharmacies, so the staff will be more than happy to advice you on screening services as well as healthy Living lifestyle and sign post you to other who can help as well.